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Do you want to talk about Ouishare? Are you really interested in what we do and want to spread it all around the world?

To make that easy, we’ve put together a package for anyone working with the Ouishare Brand. It contains all the parts of our brand identity system – logos, colors, pictures and press releases about us. For rules, typographies and other brand applications check out our brand guide.

The Ouishare logo


• Haiti blue SVGPNG
• White SVGPNG

Our name is Ouishare

We used to write it OuiShare… but not anymore. But because we think lowercase are more humble and modern. Because uppercase on the web mean that you are screaming. From two words to one. Because we do not want to be strongly associated with the "share" movement like we used to. Because Ouishare is now very well known as a brand, and the origins of the brand don't have to be explained.

It's not Oui + Share anymore, it's Ouishare. No capital S.

The Ouishare logo and monogram


We use it all the time. Online and print. Always use it with the TM (Trademark)


Our community symbol. It is for our insiders. It is Ouishare without naming it.

Press review

Various media across the world have written about Ouishare. Below is a selection of linked articles regarding our favorite activities and topics.

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Press release

Morning OS, le plus grand espace de coworking dédié à l'innovation sociale et
territoriale, ouvre ses portes à Bagnolet
- 04.2018
Barcelona en Beta: un documental que explorará el impacto de las tecnologías digitales en los ciudadanos - 03.2018
• Le numérique soutenable, au coeur de la conférence APIDays 2018 - 01.2018
Ouishare Fest Barcelona 2017 - 09.2017
Villes de tous les pays, unissez-vous ! Ouishare Fest Paris 2017 - 06.2017
Par delà l’uberisation : vers des territoires collaboratifs - Sharing Lille - 02.2016

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