Our connectors

Connectors are members who are highly active in developing and growing Ouishare as an organization. They lead projects, communities and help onboard new members.

Agathe Lehel

Connector Québec

Alicia Trepat

Connector Spain / Austria

Amanda Jansen

Connector Netherlands

Andrea Barbiero

Connector Spain

Angela Sarmiento

Connector Colombia

Arthur Chammas

Chris McCormick

Connector Norway & UK / Co-living, urban development and social innovation

Claudine Revol

Connector South of France

Clothilde Sauvages

Connector France

Daniele Fappiano

Connector Italy

David Weingartner

Connector Germany, Switzerland & Austria

Ehab Elia

Connector France & MENA Region

Eva Miguélez

Connector Spain & Communication

Ghislain Delabie

Connector mobility & co-founder Lab Ouishare x Chronos

Gustavo  Palacios

Connector & Co-Founder Ouishare in Colombia

Julia Sánchez

Connector Chile

Lucía Hernández

Connector Spain & Tourism Innovation

Luis Tamayo

Connector Spain

Maiwenn De Villepin

Connector France

Manel Heredero

Connector Spain & UK

Margot Naturel

Connector France

Mathieu Grandperrin

Connector France

Rémi Norrito

Connector Peru

Solène Manouvrier

Connector France

Taoufik Vallipuram

Connector France & Co-founder Lab Ouishare x Chronos

Thomas Dönnebrink

Connector Germany

Timothée Brès

Connector Belgium

Yabed Contreras

Connector & Co-Founder OuiShare in Peru

Émilie Jacquetton

Connector Spain

Our alumni

Alumni are former Ouishare connectors who stay connected with Ouishare and keep caring about its development as an organization.

Ana Manzanedo

Connector Spain

Antonin Léonard

Connector France & Ouishare Co-Founder

Camille Chapuis

Connector France & Portugal

Francesca Pick

Nomadic Connector & Co-Founder Ouishare Fest

Jef Boisson

Connector France & Co-Founder of Resiliences

Jennifer Leblond

Connector France & Global Coordination

Juan Pablo Espinosa

Connector Ecuador

Julie Braka

Connector France

Martin Werlen

Connector France

Maud Richet

Connector France

Nacho Mas

Connector Spain

Sarah Eisenmann

Connector Germany

Tomás de Lara

Connector Brazil & Co-founder and Co-chair Colaboramerica

Yann Bergamaschi

Connector France