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Ouishare started in 2012 around a Utopia: the idea of a ‘Collaborative Society’, made up of communities of peers that work and live together.

Over the last 8 years, we built an international network of committed members. We discussed and revealed divergent opinions about the collaborative economy and its potential to transform society. We gathered researchers, activists, innovators and decision-makers from around the world at one-of-a-kind events such as Ouishare Fest in Europe and Colaboramerica in South America. We explored social challenges beyond myths and clichés by doing research on the ground, about the impact of the collaborative economy in rural areas, and how people living in underprivileged areas use digital technology. We ran speculative design processes with citizens to explore scenarios for the future of the work world. 

We are proud of everything we have done, and we feel that now is the time to take one step further, because we feel uncomfortable.

Intrigued ? Want to know more ? Our full manifesto will be released at the end of the summer. In the meantime you can read extracts by signing up to our newsletter (at the bottom of this page)... or by contacting us directly at hello@ouishare.net !

Our values

These five values guide our actions and decisions. Although we come from diverse backgrounds and approach topics from various perspectives, these principles are what hold us together.


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Our sources of inspiration

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