Starting at  
10:00 am

AltShift Festival - Cairo

Three-day interdisciplinary event to connect and empower local and international ecosystems and to integrate a collaborative culture that addresses the complex challenges of our time. A place where people connect, learn and co-create innovative solutions.

Starting at  
10:00 am
73 15th street - Maadi Sarayat, Cairo, Cairo Governorate 11728
Ouishare Egypt
850 EGP

AltShift Festival is the first Ouishare Fest in Egypt. A three-day Professional Interdisciplinary Event that gathers creative leaders, entrepreneurs, movement builders, purpose-driven organizations and communities from across sectors and countries who want to drive systemic and meaningful change.

We invite you to a three-day Multidisciplinary gathering enveloped by artistic performance, sports competition, EduCathon, and an "AltShift Deep Connexions Retreat".

The whole, and for the first time in the region, with a Zero Waste policy and Footprint measurements.

With the help of a team of +30 persons from 7 countries*, we will treat The Platform Thinking as a underlined in different fields such as Education, Health, Mobility, Decentralised Technology (Blockchain), Fintech, Open Organisations, Future of Work, Regenerative City, AgriFood. The first Zero Waste event in the Region.

Intellectual content, Cultural and Artistic performance, Educathon, Workshops, Sports Competition, and a Retreat in a splendid spot over the Red Sea.

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