How our foundation

identifies, connects and funds unique local initiatives

There are an overwhelming number of social impact projects today, yet most of them face two key challenges : they are isolated and not connected enough to other initiatives and they lack sources of funding.

The Ouishare Foundation was created by a community of entrepreneurs and activists to address these two challenges. Every year the foundation runs themed funding campaigns and connects the supported initiatives with each other to discuss their shared challenges.

Our organization connects projects and large funders who have the ambition to make a large and measurable local impact. Our research and international community provide us with the insight needed to identify highly innovative projects in many different local contexts.

Why become a donor

As a donor to Ouishare Foundation, you will:

— support unique, cutting-edge and high-impact projects
— act as a catalyst for social change by co-creating these projects
— engage your collaborators in a motivating, purpose-driven project
— join Ouishare's ecosystem and benefit from access to our partners
— learn new ways of working collaboratively through first hand experience in our organization

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