September 2018 to February 2019

Campaign #1 Refuge

Spaces of refuge

that bring us together

Talk of societal collapse is nothing new. However, in times of rising global temperatures, increasing inequality gaps and the expansion of facist movements, the notion of a global crisis finds new resonance. From the start, we at Ouishare have been convinced that highly engaged communities and ecosystems that leverage collective intelligence will play a critical role in a 'post-crisis' world. This is why the Ouishare foundation aims to use its' expertise to support projects that address this issue but which are unknown to 99% of funders today. We believe it is time to be ambitious and lay the foundations for new spaces of refuge for humanity.

Our first campaign will support the establishment of three different spaces of refuge by funding and connecting them.

We have chosen the following three projects because they are inspirational examples that will highly benefit from being connected to global and local networks:

- R.E.R, a community restaurant in the Sarcelles train station, which will help disadvantaged women reintegrate through cooking and being connected to others.

- Social Bar, a "Conviviality Laboratory", run by 175 co-owners. The objective of this bar is to reduce social isolation by creating a space where individuals can participate in themed activities.

- Happy Lab, a network of co-living houses for entrepreneurs and changemakers to re-charge and focus on their well-being.

initiatives you can support:

Social Bar mobile: creating moments of conviviality and social connection in public spaces

Budget : 20 000€
Project owner: The Social Bar
Key objectives
— Fight isolation in large cities
— Create employment with a social impact
— Enable serendipitous encounters
Activities we will fund
— Developing the commercial offer of the "Social Bar Mobile" (design + patern)

R.E.R: opening a community restaurant in the Garges Sarcelles train station

Budget : 20 000€
Project owner: Association R.E.R
Key objectives
— Provide a space of expression for the inhabitants of Sarcelles
— Create a local, community restaurant
— Create jobs for people struggling to find employment
Activities we will fund
— Acquisition and maintenance of kitchen appliances
— Salaries of those in charge of running and developing the community space and the kitchen

Happy [Sanctuary] Lab: creating a network of co-living spaces for changemakers

Budget : 15 000€
Project owner: Amanitas 
Key objectives
— Support the development of a work culture centered around people's well-being
— Facilitate the exchange of knowledge and skills among people who are open to change
— Enable the creation of new communities
Activities we will fund
— Full rental costs of the space for 6 months
— Compensation for the space and community managers for 6 months

Ouvrir un espace grand public dédié à la transition territoriale au sein d’un coworking à Bagnolet

Budget : 20 000€
Porteur de projet : Ouishare France
Objectifs clés
— Participez à l’émergence de projets atypiques, innovants, viables et impactants
— Devenez un acteur de la transition sociétale en co-construisant ces projets
— Embarquez vos collaborateurs dans un projet motivant qui donne du sens
Allocation du budget
— Intégrez l’écosystème de Ouishare et bénéficiez d’un accès privilégié à ses parties prenantes
— vous inspirez des méthodes de travail d’une organisation collaborative et favorisant l’engagement de ses membres