Guiding Principles
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Guiding Principles

These are 14 key principles that are guiding us in the Ouishare Fest Events and experience design.

Ask the right questions

Enable interaction, participation and collaboration.

Communicate clearly and with purpose.

Promote extraordinary ideas and meaningful projects, not the most popular ones.

Design constructive confrontation : challenge ideas, expose multiple perspectives

Stay grounded. Be real. Don't ignore the pressing issues of our times.

Distill meaning from complexity.

Strive for diversity of origin and gender

Make it a learning experience.

Highlight new content and fresh approaches.

Consider all levels: individuals, teams, organisations, systems.

Welcome people as their full selves: mind, body and soul.

Ensure Ouishare Fest is only a pit-stop on a continuous journey we are one together

Have fun, smile and be open. Don't take oneself too seriously.