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7:00 pm

Stories from the Future of Work

The future of work is changing. Many networks and collectives around the world have been exploring and practising how to create radically collaborative, innovative and caring workplaces - and they have a lot to share.

Starting at  
7:00 pm
Akasha Hub, 19 Carrer de la Verneda, #Local 1, 08018 Barcelona
Ouishare Barcelona & Enspiral

At this evening book-launch event, practitioners from the networks Enspiral and Ouishare—spanning from New Zealand to Europe—will share stories and knowledge from the front-lines of working together in their collaborative networks. You will hear about the challenges and potential of building entrepreneurial collectives, as well as the legal and institutional structures needed to support these networked ways of working.

Enspiral is a community of entrepreneurs experimenting at the edges of ownership, governance, decision making, resource sharing, and organisational design. After nearly a decade of testing and growing ideas, they have published their first collectively written book with 11 co-authors, Better Work Together.

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Program of the evening

1. Three short presentations:

2. Interactive Q&A with participants

3. Connecting, drinks & snacks


Susan Basterfield is catalyst and convener, helping individuals and organisations release potential through participatory organising, exploring her hypothesis that our transition into what’s next will be brought about by and through community. She is a prolific writer and speaker, and has shared her experiences from India to Korea, Canada to Chile, Sweden to Australia and most places in between.

Albert Cañigueral is the OuiShare Connector for Spain and Latin America. He created the blog ConsumoColaborativo in 2011, and since then he has been considered a reference person in the platform economy in the Spanish language. He works as a strategic and innovation consultant, teacher and writer with a wide range of private and public organizations. Since 2017 Albert has focused his work on the impacts of labour related digital platforms, collaborative cities and regulatory innovations.

Ants Cabraal is a creative producer, writer and business owner who has helped many Enspiral initiatives start and grow since 2012. He serves as a director and advisor to several startups, and loves to get new ideas off the ground– including driving the creation of this book. He is based between Wellington New Zealand, and Melbourne, Australia.


Francesca Pick & Kate Beecroft | Ouishare | Enspiral | Greaterthan

AKASHA Hub | AKASHA Hub is a space and a community of developers, engineers, designers, artists, researchers, thinkers, lovers. A space where innovative initiatives can grow. AKASHA Hub organises and hosts stimulating activities related to social innovation, blockchain, education, technological activism, design, software, hardware, transversal thinking. Their aim is to push local minds towards a more proactive attitude in society.

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