Drôme, France
Starting at  
9:00 am

Ouishare Summit #12

This year we are hosting our 12th Ouishare Summit in France to develop our organization and shared vision together, kick-start new projects, facilitate peer to peer learning and build relationships between our distributed team.

Starting at  
9:00 am
Centre d'Accueil International Ancien Monastère de Sainte-Croix, Le Village, 26150 Sainte-Croix

The Ouishare Summit is a great way for new members to discover the network and to meet connectors and active members from across the globe.  


From June 13th to 14th we meet to connect, co-work, reenergize and collaborate - these days are especially interesting for new members, alumnis and friends of the network.


During the core days from June 15th to 18th we will deep-dive into our most pressing questions and co-develop the future of our organization.

Public Events

On Friday June 14th and Sunday June 16th events to exchange and celebrate will be open for everyone interested.

Find more information on our summit website or reach out to claudine@ouishare.net!

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