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1:00 pm

Ouishare Learning Expedition Barcelona

From November 12-15, join us for a unique Ouishare Learning Expedition (LEX) as part of the Smart City Expo (SCE) in Barcelona. The SCE is the worldwide leading event designed to empower the smart city sector, with almost 20.000 city leaders attending to create a better future.

Starting at  
1:00 pm
2.400 euros

We will visit local entrepreneurs, collectives, companies and public organizations and learn how the sharing city of tomorrow is being designed and implemented today. This is a unique, professional experience for a small group of change-thirsty public leaders in innovative environments who are interested in exploring how to develop a sharing city.

Are you ready to dive into the sharing ecosystem of Barcelona, one of the most inspiring cities in Europe? To think of truly new ways to address urban challenges?

Here you can find all LEX Barcelona information.

To join this unique expedition contact the LEX coordinators:
Emilie Jacquetton / Cesar Brunetto

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