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OPEN:2018 Platform Cooperatives

OPEN 2018: Platform Cooperatives The platform cooperative economy is evolving as a viable alternative to the centralised, profit-hungry, extractive business model which dominates the web today.

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9:00 am
Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London, WC1R 4RL
The Open Co-op
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The platform co-op economy is evolving as a viable alternative to the centralised, profit-hungry, extractive business model which dominates the web today.

By shifting the focus toward fundamentally fairer forms of ownership and governance, and rewarding their communities instead of venture capitalists, platform co-ops provide a template for a new type of organisation – forming the building blocks for a more equitable economy.

The co-operative model is far from new but, as more and more of the businesses we rely on move online, the co-operative sector must evolve to stay relevant and challenge the norms of this new digital world. 

By placing members at the heart of organisational ownership and governance and the development of thriving communities before profit, platform co-ops form an essential component of the transition to a transparent, democratic and decentralised economy which works for everyone. 

A society in which anyone can become a co-owner of the organisations on which they, their family and their community depend.

A world where everyone can have say in the decisions that affect them.

OPEN 2018, the Platform Co-op conference, will focus on three main themes:

The Platform co-op showcase will present examples from functioning platform co-ops, including practical examples of legal structures, funding and financial setups, and detailed insight from platform co-op practitioners about how their organisations work.

The Collaborative and Peer to Peer technology sessions will feature presentations on alternative digital currencies, open source tools and technology and the development of the new platforms and protocols which are enabling online co-operation to evolve at scale.

Discussions on the changing narrative will explore the co-operative vision and the evolving politics and philosophy of a world of abundance and inclusivity which underpins the creation of a more collaborative, equitable economy which works for people and planet before profit.

Incorporating a mix of presentations, showcases, discussions and open space sessions in which the participants decide what is discussed, OPEN 2018 presents an opportunity to meet co-operative development experts, legal practitioners and software developers to discuss the structure, challenges and opportunities of the new cooperative economy.

Tickets include a two-day conference pass, refreshments and snacks, a hot lunch on both days and possibly even a beer or two.

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