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Reshaping organisations for the future

Embark with Ouishare on a journey to shape your organisation for the future. Through a fully immersive experience,  you will get inspired by meeting outstanding organisations and find concrete practices you can apply to your own company.

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Since its creation, Ouishare has been an ongoing laboratory of new models of work. We challenge old hierarchy paradigms, we constantly question what work should be and mean, and help organisations transform themselves. 

Now we want to share our insights and keep exploring the future of organisations with you. 

When the need for business innovation meets employees’ aspirations for greater autonomy, it forces leaders to rethink their old organisational models based on hierarchy, top-down strategy deployment and status culture.

New organisational models keep emerging to address these challenges, but it is not always easy to adapt and implement new practices in traditional organisations. This is why we invite you to embark on a learning expedition from July 4 -7 in London to explore and learn how to reshape your organisation for the future.

You will meet entrepreneurs, researchers, collectives, and companies that have transformed their organisations for greater resilience. From Enspiral, a non-hierarchical distributed organisation, Outlandish a worker-owned co-operative design agency to MattBlackSystem, a manufacturing company that has been operating as a self-managing company for fifteen years.

Our goal is for you to first get inspired by meeting outstanding organisations and companies that are a few steps ahead of the rest. Second, to help you find concrete practices you can apply in your own organisation.

We chose London because it offers a unique working and organisational culture that bridges between America and Continental Europe. It is a multicultural hub gathering talent and ideas from around the world; the perfect meeting point to get inspired and learn. Through a fully immersive experience in the local ecosystem of one of our international communities, you will meet entrepreneurs and social innovators, non-for-profits, business leaders and grassroots activists.

Which Topic do we want to explore together? 

Resilience - How to make intrapreneurship and innovation everyone's business? 

Distributed leadership - What are the issues at stake and how to make it work? 

Decision making - From hierarchical power to peer consent.

Workplace - How to transform your workplace into a truly engaging one?

Are you ready to join the expedition? 

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