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Reshaping organisations for the future

Embark with Ouishare in a journey on the future of organizations. Let's bring you together, as corporate rebels, to embark on a practical adventure on the future of organizations.

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Since its creation, Ouishare has been an ongoing laboratory of new models of work. We challenge old hierarchy paradigms, we constantly question what work should be and mean, and help organisations transform themselves. 

Now we want to share our insights and keep exploring the edges with you. 

Let's bring you, as corporate rebels, together to embark on a practical adventure on the future of organizations. Why the future of organizations? When the need for business innovation meets employees' aspirations for greater autonomy, it forces leaders to rethink their old organizational models based on hierarchy, top-down strategy deployment and status culture. With the digital revolution new organizational models are made possible, more horizontal, more collaborative, more participatory, more open. Liberated, opal, sociocratic, holacratic company...  these new paradigms allow employees to find meaning, autonomy and responsibility.   

We invite you to explore these new paradigms from 4 to 7 July in London. We will meet entrepreneurs, collectives, companies and researchers that have transformed their organizations for greater resilience; we will learn in a practical way how to initiate these transformations. Reshaping organizations for future 

Which Topic do we want to explore together? Resilience - how to make intrapreneurship and innovation everyone's business? Distributed leadership - what are the issues at stake and how to make it work? Decision-making - From hierarchical power to peer consent How to transform into a truly engaging workplace? Are you ready to join the expedition? 

Contact Camille Chapuis and Martin Werlen.

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