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9:00 am

GCUC UK Global Coworking UnConferance

For the past seven years, GCUC has marched hand in hand with the coworking movement all over the world, exploring everything from location and design to branding and community building. Now that the concept is becoming a household name, we’re getting ahead of the game by defining the future of work.

Starting at  
9:00 am
Kings Place 90 York Way, London N1 9AG

GCUC is the biggest coworking conference series in the world, and just like the industry itself, we don’t follow the rules.

We give you all the things you need and none of the things you don’t. Our list is on lockdown (no spam for you!), and our speakers never pay their way onstage.

We’re not interested in wasting your time; we’re interested in blowing your mind.

That’s why we’re bringing the heartbeat of the coworking movement to London this year: because just like the city itself, we’re no-BS, larger than life and awesome as you-know-what.

GCUC UK will be at Kings Place located in the heart of King’s Cross with views over the beautiful Regent’s Canal.

The venue is easily accessible from all over the UK and Europe, it’s no surprise this environmentally-focused building was named the UK’s ‘Best of the Best’ has been chosen for the UK’s first Coworking conference.

Join the Ouishare Radio team live at GCUC UK and keep track of their satellite events and podcasts in the run-up to the main London UnConferance

Full Three Day Agenda Here

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