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FutureFest by Nesta

As Content Partners for Nesta's FutureFest, we are curating one stage around The Future(s) of Work. With a mix of design fiction and prospective scenarios, join us in a journey from the future to explore some alternative realities and question the social changes that could take us there.

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10:00 am
Tobacco Quay, Wapping Lane, London E1W 2DA, UK
Nesta + Ouishare

Occupy the future at FutureFest 2018

This year, Nesta invites us to occupy the future and offer radical alternative future visions. With this in mind, we designed a program that literally occupies a place in the future by imagining possible scenarios set in different years, each exploring a different reality.

Committed to participatory formats, we want to make our audience take part in the discussions and give them a role in deciding if these are one of the alternative futures they actually wish to live in.

Why Future(s) of Work?

Since its creation, Ouishare has been an ongoing laboratory of new models of work. We challenge old hierarchy paradigms, we constantly question what work should be and mean, and help organisations transform themselves.

When confronted to the ever more popular topic of ‘The Future of Work’, we came to the realisation that there isn’t just one ultimate prediction of what work will be; but a series of possibilities, some contradictory, some unexpected.

We believe the ultimate distinction between these alternative realities will not be determined by technology itself, but by the social confitions around it, most specifically the inequalities that will continue to divide us.

What do we want to question?

When thinking about The Future(s) of Work, we want to fundamentally question the meaning and value of work and when the social conditions around it radically change.

In our imagined scenarios we take as given some technological and social advancements that have pushed society towards new paradigms to then question the forces and values that took us there and explore the outcomes, desired or not. Speakers present their ideas as if they were in the given future.

Through each session, we want to explore three ideas: the access to work, its value and meaning, and the day to day reality of it.

Who is going to have access to work?

Thanks to technological advancements, society is further divided between those who do it by choice versus those who do it by need, increasing inequalities and fundamentally changing how we understand and experience work itself, leading us to question:

What value and meaning are we going to give work itself? Is it a source of joy, personal development, and a way to contribute to society? or rather a daily struggle for survival, making some slaves and other masters?

What is going to be the day to day reality of work? Depending on how we answer the previous questions, our relationship with time, the type of spaces and conditions will we work in as well as the type of organisations we belong to and the way we relate to one another will radically change.

Sneak Peek of our Program

2030: When climate change made us slaves again

#Migration #Scarcity #Ressources #ForcedLabour #Crisis

2029: When companies’value = employees’ happiness

#Hierarchy #Organisation #Value #Work #Satisfaction

2027: When the post-work era begun

#Money #BasicIncome #ArtificalIntelligence #Time

2025: When women left the workforce

#MachinevsWoman #Wages #GenderedJobs

2023: When identity broke free from professions

#Rights #Status #Sens #Value #Professions

Stay tuned for more updates on the program, our formats and speakers!

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