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FAB 14+

#FABRICATING RESILIENCE Each year members of the more than 1,200 worldwide Fab Labs gather to share, discuss, collaborate and create communities around the different local and global interests regarding digital manufacturing, innovation, and technology.

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Various locations - France
Fab City

This year, the FAB14+ conference will be spread out over multiple locations. 

Fab City Summit from July 11-13, Fab Distributed all over France, July 14th and 15th (8 location and themes to choose from: AGROFOOD in Albi, ECOLOGY in Auray, ECONOMY in Perpignan, EDUCATION in Bataville, Grand-Est, ENERGY in Clermont-Ferrand, MOBILITY in Le Puy-En-Velay, SCIENCE AND RESEARCH in Paris, and SOLIDARITY in Auray) that will allow you to discover different parts of our beautiful country. And finally, FAB14 Main event in Toulouse, France the 14th International Fab Lab Meeting to be held, July 16-22 at the Pierre Baudis Convention Center; with “Fabricating Resilience” as its central topic. FAB14+ in France has established 3 center point that marks the path to a new way of Fabricating Resilience, where this year Fabbers will have the opportunity to travel around France and discover the magic that Digital Fabrication brings to the Region. 

Today thanks to technology, our French culture and society are becoming more and more integrated into the world, generating a sort of understanding to other alternatives ways to grow as a country, society, and community. This event aims to gather people from the global network to debate and build the Fab Lab Network and to forms of knowledge networking. The most distinguished investigators and specialists from all over the globe are invited, generating activities and traversal impact in France. Our motto “Fabricating Resilience” sets the stage for sharing experiences and creating a collaborative network. 

To make this possible we have created 5 topics to be developed that can create a big impact in the region, which are: FOOD, MOBILITY, MACHINES, MONEY and ACCESS . Welcome to FAB14+

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