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Diseñando soluciones blockchain para la industria creativa

Si eres músico, diseñador, artista, compositor o escritor, y trabajas generando contenido digital sujeto a derechos de autor, asistir a este taller te ayudará a entender blockchain mejor y te permitirá contribuir, con tu perspectiva, al desarrollo de estas soluciones.

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7:00 pm
Carrer de Sardenya, 229, 08013 Barcelona
Ouishare y Spectrum

Blockchain topic & Spectrum: 
The blockchain - both as the technology of distributed ledgers and the broader socio-technological dynamic emerging around this infrastructural core - is about the internet of value, facilitating transactions, applicable to a wide range of digital creative activities, promising significant support to digital entrepreneurial activities. The spectrum project is about prototyping methodologies to focus on the co-design of emerging blockchain technological system for digital asset management.

About the spectrum project: 
The Spectrum project is an applied arts-and-technology research project that aims to involve users in a concrete design process to engage with questions / processes related to digital rights/assets management. Spectrum is designed to offer blockchain-based digital assets catalogue for digital creative industries. Given the promise and potential stakes of shifting the creation of digital arts-and-cultural assets to infrastructures based on distributed ledger technologies, it is crucial that digital creators and other artists engage with the design of these processes to frame optimal governance models. 

Workshop Objective & target audience:
We wish to adopt an inclusive (quadruple helix) approach to showcase the project potential and validate future developments and involve actors from creative industries, gov, research, enterprise, and society in future user testing. 

On the technical front: 
Spectrum aims at testing how Blockchain based technologies can simplify digital creative assets administration. Spectrum is a D-DAC (Decentralised Digital Assets Catalogue) that explores sustainable alternatives for resolving digital media industry complexities at the various stage of digital assets life cycle: creation, production and distribution, archiving 
The core aim of this project is to test a technical test platform for digital creative industries players allowing them:
1. To identify and validate candidate Blockchain fields of use, 
2. To get an acute understanding of whether (and if so, how) their products and related technical as well business operations can benefit from an added value with the Blockchain technology (on the basis of relevant minimal testing). 
Focus areas are: 
· Digital asset 
· User community value exchange 
· Blockchain based operations benchmarks 
· Public and private permission blockchains 
· Smart contracts 
· Tokens 

The Spectrum “D-DAC Decentralised Digital Assets Catalogue” project is a collaborative initiative carried by:Technoport SA – a technology oriented business incubator promoting and supporting the development of innovative companies in LuxembourgSonopraxis – a digital art & science consultancy companyBitvalley – a Luxembourg Blockchain Start-up that builds decentralised applications and provides consultancy servicesAPLA – a blockchain platform for organising economic, public and social activities through smart laws and smart contracts.

The project is supported by the Infrachain a.s.b.l and Digital Luxembourg.

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