Past Events

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    On this three days conference in Rio De Janeiro, 3000 entrepreneurs, business leaders, policymakers and citizen from the whole region, will come together to rethink and lead Latin America toward a more conscious development model.
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    Projection documentaire POC21 et apéro OuiShare Rouen
    Dans le cadre de la semaine du Libre organisée par la CyberBase de la ville de Rouen, OuiShare Rouen a le plaisir de vous inviter à la projection du documentaire POC21. Entrée libre et gratuite!
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    OuiShare Labs Camp #3
    OuiShare Labs Camp #3 is a participative conference dedicated to open web technologies: decentralization, IndieWeb, semantic web and open source community tools.
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    OuiShare Marseille debate around « Sauver le Monde » from and with Michel Bawens
    The cluster of reseach Entrepreneuriat & Nouveaux Business Models de KEDGE BS organise for thé OSS Sustainable Entrepreneurship an open debater around the new book of Michel Bawens « Sauver le Monde ». A collaboration of Kedge BS, La Varappe, P...
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    OuiShare Marseille @Table ronde « Sauver le Monde » d'après et avec Michel Bawens
    Le cluster de recherche Entrepreneuriat & Nouveaux Business Models de KEDGE BS organise dans le cadre de l’OSS Sustainable Entrepreneurship une table ronde ouverte à tous autour du nouveau livre de Michel Bauwens « Sauver le Monde ». Une collab...
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    OuiShare Labs Camp 2014
    ###Developing for communities### OuiShare Labs Camp is a satellite event of OuiShare Fest, uniting developers and visionaries in the global collaborative economy for four days of connecting, coding and creating. The 2014 edition will take place i...


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    OuiShare Labs
    OuiShare Labs is a group of web-developers and ‘techies’ in the OuiShare community that develop and improve open source tools to fuel the collaborative economy and help marketplaces work together.
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    OuiShare Metamaps
    The [Ouishare Metamaps]( initiative will create a community, crowd-sourced knowledge graph using the open-source sensemaking platform It is a way for people to find and connect with relevant projects, reve...
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    OuiShare Radio Network
    The OuiShare Radio Network is an ever expanding network of shows that connect the people, projects and stories of the OuiShare community. Each episode delivers eye-opening insight and fun on some vital aspect of the ever-evolving world of coll...
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    Après des décennies de discours sur le changement climatique et sur l’épuisement des ressources, trop peu de choses ont changé. Les dirigeants politiques semblent tourner en rond, et la culture activiste manque souvent d’une vision mobilisatrice p...
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    After decades of talks on climate change and resource depletion, little has changed. Political leaders seem to be going in circles, and protest culture lacks a blueprint for the future. In 2015, it is time to move from protests to prototypes. Inst...


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