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Sam Muirhead

based in Berlin, Germany
Camera Libre

Free Culture filmmaker, Free/Libre Activist and Open Source Consultant.
I make Free Culture videos about Open Hardware, Open Data, and Open Everything using Free/Libre Open Source Software ( Co-Founder of Open It Agency, helping companies understand Open Source outside of software, and enabling individuals and teams to make their Open Hardware projects ecologically, socially and financially sustainable ( Co-initiator of Open Source Circular Economy Days, a global event, network and movement to promote the methodology of open source and collaboration as the best (perhaps only) way to feasibly achieve a zero-waste, truly sustainable circular economy ( In 2012 I lived a Year of Open Source (

Outside of free software and open hardware, I'm generally a 'Sharing Economy' and tech sceptic. Renting is not sharing, Venture Capital is a plague, Smart Cities make for dumb citizens, 'Anonymized Data' doesn't exist, and as someone smart once said: "There's no such thing as the Internet of Things, just other people's computers in your house."

Contact me in : es/de/en

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