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Mario Heredia

PhD Candidate

based in Quito, Ecuador
Universidade de Aveiro

Ing, Msc. Mario Alejandro Heredia Salgado received a full scholarship from Universidad Internacional del Ecuador (UIDE) and get his Automotive Engineering degree as magna cum laude. He started on the automotive field working on racing engines development and then moved to deal with construction, industry, oil and mining equipment. He received specific technical training by Bobcat (Atlanta), Doosan (North Carolina), Furukawa (Panama) and IngersollRand (Venezuela) on miniloaders electronics, portable power, demolition equipment and screw air compressors respectively. Then Mario received a 2 years full scholarship from SENESCYT-Ecuador (Secretaría de Educación Superior Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación) to study a master course in Sustainable Energy Systems at Aveiro University (UA) in Portugal. While at UA, his thesis consisted in developing an Artificial Neural Network model to establish the drying kinetics of industrial sewage sludge, to then perform co-combustion experiments mixing fine particles of residual forest biomass and sewage sludge in a pilot scale bubbling fluidized bed reactor. During this period he received a new scholarship from the biggest Portuguese oil&gas company GALP Energia to perform research activities regarding energy efficiency measurements in ceramic industries and gas kilns. He received from GALP Energia the second place award in the Innovation Challenge of Energy Efficiency 2013 for the development of a low-cost prototype for compressed air leaks detection based on open source electronic boards. Currently, he is a doctoral researcher working with Prof. Luís Tarelho and Prof. Arlindo Matos at Aveiro University thanks to a 4 year scholarship from SENESCYT-Ecuador. He is interested in energy efficient biomass combustion, gasification and pyrolysis facilities integrated in industrial environments.

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