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Joe Sack

based in London, United Kingdom
Protein Haus

Joe is the Head of Digital at Protein Haus which is a Healthy eating Protein Shake and Juice bar. The organisation is based in Canary Wharf in the Canada Square shopping centre but since April has recently opened a store in Moorgate underground station. Protein Haus have been established with the aim to bring accessible healthy eating to the masses without the elitism and snobbery that often comes with the gym and workout enthusiast. We want to create an environment within our shops where anyone feels that they can come in off the street and talk to us about anything from tips with their exercise regime or what kind of diet is right for them if they feel like a detox or a change in diet. We are also making food a lot more accesible for people with dietary requirements a lot of our food is either vegetarian friendly or vegan friendly or designed for people with a low fat diet or following the Paleo Diet. We are looking to get involved with Local events and to try to encourage healthy living and healthy lifestyle for the local community and individuals based in East London. This is could anything from putting on a fun run on behalf of a local community centre or taking the time out to visiting schools and colleges to encourage fitness and healthy living for kids that dont really get out of the house as much as they used to. Protein Haus is founded by Carli Wheatley who is a personal trainer with over 10 years expereince so she is always enthusiastic and willing to try and bring healthy living and eating the right things to the public. If anyone on Ouishare has any ideas on how they could work together with Protein Haus to educate and enrich the local community please do get in touch with us as it would be great to engage with the local community and make a difference for people living in the East of London. If anyone would like to get in touch please email me on the address below.

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