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Abeer Abu Ghaith


based in Hebron, Palestine, State of
MENA Alliances Group

Abeer is known as a trail blazer for women and young people in the Middle East; a tireless and innovative entrepreneur; and an international business woman before the age of 30. Abeer had a very common story for someone who grew up in a Palestinian refugee camp; finished school with high grades; pursued a bachelor degree; and graduated with honors – she went home unemployed! But now as a young female computer engineering graduate and trainer living in a small town outside of Hebron, running a startup selling services over the web to the US and the Gulf, her story is not common at all.

Some of the recent honors Abeer has received include:

  • “Best Technology Enabler and Facilitator” Award -- MEA Women in Technology Awards 2014
  • “100 Most Powerful Arab Women” -- CEO Middle East Magazine
  • "100 Powerful Arab under 40"- Arabian Business Magazine

Throughout her career, Abeer was never satisfied with only paid jobs. She has always been an activist volunteer and social worker. These extra activities provided her with a treasure of resources and opportunities to help her realize her entrepreneurship dream. She firmly believes that ICT knowledge and experience should empower women and youth in society. Thus, she has been working on several programs focused on advancing opportunities for youth and women to actively participate in economic empowerment and political processes.

After receiving a great deal of exposure from local and international markets that were focusing on the actual economic development needs in Palestine, Abeer saw an opportunity for positive change and founded her first company, StayLinked, in 2013. Realizing the need to expand outside of Palestine, she founded MENA Alliances to conduct international business and make an impact between the Middle East and Western Countries.


Project Management, Outsourcing, Startups, Economic Empowerment, Employability, ICT, Strategic Partnership, Business Development , Advocacy, Social Media

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