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clara OBISPO

based in PARIS, France

Hello, my name is Clara and the reason i'm joining this community is because i'm looking for different ways of practicing my job of food designer in this very special domain that is the food industry. I believe that by focusing on populations needs and what they want and most important what they have, we can create a new way of functioning for the food industry. I'm currently working for a very large international Food group, and my vision is that with the diversity of tools we have and knowlegde we are creating and we could get from elsewhere, we could go so much further without imposing ourselves to the populations we are selling our goods to, but by working hand by hand, sharing what we have and letting the farmers/firms/thinkers/retailers of the country guide us, produce, sell, be the real actors of the products that are sold in their supermarkets. That is where intelligent innovation appears, and that is what i'm passionate about !

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