Platform Design Masterclass with Simone Cicero

| 29/05/2017 | 09:00

Platforms are transforming markets. Platforms today dominate the business landscape: beyond giants like Google, Apple, Amazon and Salesforce, new entrants like Uber and Airbnb transformed entire industries in just a few years. Finally today we know that creating platforms and connecting the various entities in peer-to-peer is the best way for creating businesses and organizations that grow exponentially and generate outstanding results.

About this event

The platform business model offers key opportunities in new contexts: smaller markets, niches, local markets: designing platforms today is an opportunity for everyone ... thanks to simpler design tools!

Platforms will help you leverage on the community and the ecosystem to create value for your organization: platforms cost less to build respect to traditional businesses, produce more revenues with fewer employees, evolve more easily and have more loyal users.

Description of the Masterclass

After Bologna, Barcelona, Milan, and Paris the Platform Design Toolkit one-day experience lands in Munich for a Masterclass in English. Note that there will be german co-facilitators present

You will learn how to use the Platform Design Toolkit: a new and comprehensive set of design tools for platform design.

During the Masterclass, you’ll be able to apply the toolkit directly to your challenges: a new product or business you’re designing, a new service or a startup idea. If you don’t have one clear idea yet, you’ll be able to explore a promising market context and make an hypothesis on how a platform can revolutionize it. It’s an opportunity to learn new tools and - in the meantime - have a strategic acceleration on your projects.


During the masterclass we will understand: * what’s the potential in the ecosystem * what are the transactions to start from when building your marketplace-platform * how to create right channels to monetize * what services we need to create to support participants evolution and performance.

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