Who we are

Meet our Connectors

Connectors are the highly active members that put our mission into action day by day. They are community and project leaders who participate in OuiShare strategy and decision making.

Want to get involved?

  • Antonin Léonard
    OuiShare Co-founder and Lead Explorer
  • Taoufik Vallipuram
    Connector Paris & Partnerships
  • Francesca Pick
    Community Connector and Co-founder OuiShare Fest
  • Edwin Mootoosamy
    Co-founder and Connector France
  • Diana Filippova
    Connector Paris
  • Simone Cicero
    Connector Roma
  • Albert Cañigueral
    Connector Spain & Latin America
  • Julie Braka
    Connector Paris & Ouikit Coordinator
  • Marc-Arthur Gauthey
    OuiShare Connector France
  • Benjamin Tincq
    OuiShare Co-founder and Connector
  • Asmaa Guedira
    Connector & MENA Coordinator
  • David Weingartner
    Connector D/A/CH Community
  • Tomás de Lara
    Co-leader SistemaB and Cities+B, Co-chair Colaboramerica
  • Manel Heredero
  • Manuela Yamada
  • Khushboo Balwani
    Ouishare Connector Brussels
  • Flore Berlingen
    Environmental & Open-Source Activist
  • Arthur De Grave
    Connector & Magazine Editor
  • Jocelyn Ibarra
    Nomad: Platforms, Models, Concepts, Networks.
  • Karol Arnaud
    UponUp & Pitch Me Co-founder & OuiShare Connector
  • Andreas Arnold
    Ouishare Connector Berlin, Founder @leihbar.org
  • Ahmad Sufian Bayram
    OuiShare Connector Arabic Language
  • nelly baz
    OuiShare Connector Beirut
  • Marie-Anne Bernasconi
    OuiShare Connector Nice
  • Jeffrey Bezdomny
    OuiShare Connector Nomad
  • Myriam Bouré
    Positive economy lover :-)
  • Francesco Carollo
    UK-Italy Connector
  • Yabed Contreras
    Perú/Latin America Connector and Founder www.colaboremos.pe / Prospere Group
  • Elena Denaro
  • Thomas Dönnebrink
    OuiShare Connector Germany and Berlin
  • Ehab Elia
    Independant // Slasher \\ - Connector MENA & Paris
  • Juan Pablo Espinosa Burgos
    OuiShare Connector Ecuador and Quito
  • Daniele Fappiano
    Italy OuiShare Connector
  • Elena Giroli
    Social Wave Maker, Ouishare london Connector, Communities builder
  • Hugo Guyader
    OuiShare Sweden, PhD candidate
  • Lucía Hernández
    Consultancy on Collaborative Tourism - Barcelona Connector
  • Amanda Jansen
    OuiShare Connector Netherlands
  • Alice Jubré
  • Yann Kastelnik
    Co-Founder at Pitch Me, Upon Up & OuiShare Connector
  • Johanna Kong
    Social innovation consultant
  • Donatienne Lavoillotte
    Logistic Event Manager
  • Jennifer Leblond
    OuiShare Connector Paris/France - Social Media Manager
  • Joachim Lohkamp
    Ouishare Connector & Founder @Jolocom
  • Juho Makkonen
    OuiShare Connector Finland
  • Ana Manzanedo
    Governance Connector
  • Nacho Mas
    OuiShare Valencia Connector
  • Bernie J Mitchell
    OuiShare Radio & London Connector
  • Katia Morales Gaitan
    OuiShare Connector Mexico
  • Aurélie Moyon
    OuiShare Connector Nantes
  • Magali Pagnon
    Connector Montpellier/Nîmes
  • Gustavo Palacios
    Ouishare Colombia Connector
  • Charlotte Prelorentzos
  • Claudine Revol
    Ouishare Connector Rhône-Alpes & France
  • Maud Richet
    Rouen local connector
  • Pako Rodríguez
    OuiShare Connector Madrid
  • Samuel Roumeau
    Ouishare Connector Bordeaux
  • Julia Sanchez
    Conectora OuiShare Chile
  • Justyna Swat
    OuiShare Connector , POC21 co-founder
  • Luis Tamayo
    Madrid Conector
  • Esra Tat
    OuiShare Social Innovation Connector
  • Marco Torregrossa
    OuiShare European Union Connector
  • Pauline Trequesser
  • Hélène Vuaroqueaux
    Connector France
  • Martin Werlen

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