These are former Connectors who are still an integral part of our international network today and support us as advisors.

We thank them for all their dedication and contributions that have enabled us to develop our organisation worldwide.

  • Rachel Arnould

    Rachel Arnould
    Head of Sustainable Development at Hop-Cube & Co-founder of Trade School Paris
  • Eugenio Battaglia

    Eugenio Battaglia
    Partner at
  • David Canat

    David Canat
    Research Assistant at Grenoble Ecole de Management
  • Rafael Barboza Cardoso

    Rafael Barboza Cardoso
    Web Developer
  • Marc Chataigner

    Marc Chataigner
    Design Thinker & Co-founder Woma
  • Scott Collen

    Scott Collen
    Product & People at Pawsquad
  • Joel Dietz

    Joel Dietz
    Certified ExO Consultant
  • Anke En Camino

    Anke En Camino
    OuiShare Connector Barcelona
  • Cristóbal Gracia

    Cristóbal Gracia
    Consultant: Platforms & Communities for Social Innovation
  • Célya Gruson-Daniel

    Célya Gruson-Daniel
    Project Manager - Open Science & Digital research practices
  • Nerea Guinea Eguiguren

    Nerea Guinea Eguiguren
    Graphic Illustrator
  • Louise Hain

    Louise Hain
    Project Manager & Consultant on environmental issues
  • Etienne Hayem

    Etienne Hayem
    Inspirateur d'envies, Acupuncteur Economique & Accordeur d'organisations
  • Stina Heikkila

    Stina Heikkila
    Education Officer, International Cooperation Sector
  • Mattias Jägerskog

    Mattias Jägerskog
    Founder & Community Manager of the Ridesharing Movement
  • Stanislas Jourdan

    Stanislas Jourdan
    Ouishare Connector & Magazine Co-editor
  • Josef Kreitmayer

    Josef Kreitmayer
  • Auli Kütt

    Auli Kütt
    Web & Tech
  • Maxime Lathuiliere

    Maxime Lathuiliere
    OuiShare Labs
  • Paulo Mandaleris Jara

    Paulo Mandaleris Jara
    Paulo Mandaleris Jara
  • David Muñoz

    David Muñoz
    Journalist & Ouishare Spanish Magazine Editor
  • elf pavlik

    elf pavlik
    OuiShare Connector Nomad
  • Magalie Pedrono

    Magalie Pedrono
  • Amandine Piron

    Amandine Piron
    OuiShare Connector Brittany
  • Narmada Ramakrishna

    Narmada Ramakrishna
    Ouishare Geneva Connector
  • Victor Reimann

    Victor Reimann
    OuiShare Connector Porto Alegre
  • Dina Sierralta Espinoza

    Dina Sierralta Espinoza
  • Anke Streu

    Anke Streu
    Educational Advisor
  • David Sucar

    David Sucar
    OuiShare Connector Buenos Aires
  • Florian Tolkmitt

    Florian Tolkmitt
    OuiShare Connector Frankfurt/Main Region
  • Maeva Tordo

    Maeva Tordo
    Education Hacker / Startup Wand / Social Innovation Evangelist / Art Believer
  • Nicolas Tregan

    Nicolas Tregan

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